Serve up sushi as a robot chef in Rolling Hills! Make new friends, purchase ingredients, enhance your shop, and improve the lives of your neighbors as you perfect your craft!


📺 My furniture disappeared during the Workshop quest and now I can't complete it!
This bug has been resolved in the latest update on Steam (v1.0.77), but Xbox will take a little longer to go through certification. After the update, whatever furniture you place next will count toward completing the quest so you can continue the game as intended.
😱 A character stole my wallpaper/flooring and I never got it back!
This is the result of a bug that's been patched since the game's release. If you're on Steam, the missing wallpaper/flooring may have already been returned to your inventory. If not, it should appear for sale in Wren's workshop. If you're on Xbox or PC Game Pass, an update that will return the missing items to you is coming soon!
👒 I can't find the Archer's Hat!
This hat is available in Min's challenge points shop. If you don't see it, please exit the game and reload. We're investigating why some players have to reload and some don't!
🕵️ I can't find a hidden object needed for the Al Nonymous quest!
You'll need to use the L00K-1T hidden item finder that you bought from Maia. Press L (keyboard) or the left stick (gamepad) to toggle it on/off. When it's on, you'll see little rings expand outward from Sushi Bot's antenna (and hear a pinging sound effect), and it'll get faster when you're close to a hidden object.
I'm stuck in the market/workshop. How do I get out?
During two early quests that teach you how to use ingredients and furniture, the game prevents you from leaving that shop until you've advanced through the quest.
Cream of the Crop: Arman offers your first ingredient for free. You must pick one, then follow his instructions to use it on a recipe before you can leave the market. To use an ingredient, simply open the Pause Menu, navigate to Ingredients, select the ingredient you want to use, then select the recipe you want to use it on.
Interior Design: Wren offers your first piece of furniture for free. You must pick one before you can leave the workshop.
🎮 What button do I press to... the pause menu? [Keyboard] Esc, [Gamepad] Start/Menu button
...interact with things? [Keyboard] Enter, [Gamepad] A button
...clean a table? [Keyboard] Hold C, [Gamepad] Hold X button
...honk my horn? [Keyboard] H, [Gamepad] Y button
The remaining controls are for features that are unlocked by progressing in the game's story:...dash? [Keyboard] Left Shift, [Gamepad] B button
...freeze time? [Keyboard] K, [Gamepad] Right Stick press
...toggle the L00K-1T? [Keyboard] L, [Gamepad] Left Stick press
🍣 I've completed the game but I'm still missing some recipes. Where are they?
There are currently 6 different ways to unlock recipes:
- By raising the restaurant's level (up to Lv. 20)
- By raising your friendship level with certain NPCs
- By purchasing them from Min using challenge points
- By purchasing them from the Traveling Sushi Chef
- By finishing the game's final quest
- By completing achievements and redeeming them for rewards
Out of these, #6 seems to be the most common source of missing recipes for players who've finished the game! All you have to do is open the pause menu, navigate to Achievements, and then press the button shown on each achievement with a 🎁 icon to receive the reward for completing that achievement.